Installing SSL certificate in Qliksense


In Qlik Sense, all communication between services and the Qlik Sense web clients is based on web protocols. The web protocols use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the following:

Encryption and exchange of information and keys
Certificates for authentication of the communicating parties

After a standard Qlik Sense installation, the Qlik Sense Proxy Service (QPS) includes a module that handles the encryption of traffic from the browser to the proxy. The certificate for communication between the web browser and the proxy can be replaced.

Note:Third-party certificates are bound to the Qlik Sense Proxy Service HTTPS ports (443 and 4244). Communication via the API port (4243) always uses the Qlik Sense server certificate.
Note:When editing a proxy certificate as a user without admin privileges, you need to run the repository in bootstrap mode before the changes take effect. See: Qlik Sense Repository Service

Installing SSL certificate in Qliksense


  1. Launching MMC (cmd->enter mmc)
  2. go to Add/Remove Snap-in and select Computer account
  3. go to Certificate -> Personal and Import the certificate
  4. After Importing certificate get the Thumb Print details and copy it
  5. Go to QMC and in Proxies and in security option paste the Thumb Print with Whitespaces in text box and Apply it
  6. After that restart all the services and also refresh the browser

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